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The Studio


studio photo 1The Joy of Art Studio is in a very special location overlooking a lake. The spaciousness of it makes it a wonderful place to create art.  Besides all that, it contains everything an art student would want in order to learn their craft.  This includes an extensive library of art books and magazines, a treasure trove of things to draw and paint, good light to work by, a gallery, a coffee pot that is always on, and of course a teacher that will take the student through the necessary training to reach their art goals.

The Courses and Prerequisites


  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Intention

If one is interested in something they might think, “Hmmm that looks like something I’d like to try”. If one desires to do it, they might think “I want to do that”.  Then follows their intention, “I’m going to do that!”

There are 7 courses of study which lead from drawing into painting. Lynne has developed a very specific program which takes a student from basic drawing skills into painting in oil or watercolor. Good drawing is the vital underpinning to any artwork and needs to be mastered before painting skills are undertaken. A student can take the entire program or any part of it, as needed.

What Classes are Like at Joy of Art Studio

studio photo 2A person with the prerequisites in place is ready to start the learning process.  Complete success is a totally realistic goal which has been realized over and over with Lynne Oakes’ students.

Initially, Lynne holds an hour interview with prospective students (and their parents, if it is a young person). During this time, the program is explained and a tour of the studio is given.

There are students ranging in age from 10 to retirement age!  Classes are small, with one to three persons.  It is not a group approach, but an individual one to insure full understanding and application of techniques.

During class, there is classical music as background. Student works in progress may be seen on a designated wall. Lynne’s own work in progress is visible on her easel as the student sets up their work for the session.  (It is her belief that it adds to a student's learning, seeing a professional artist at work.)

Lynne also will occasionally give group lectures about specific topics.

Fees are discussed during the initial interview and vary depending upon the student’s age and schedule.

Because these lessons are mostly one on one, a student may start anytime.

To read a personal account of studying with Lynne, please click here.

How to Choose a Teacher

young studentChoose someone who is enthusiastic about what they teach.  With art, you need someone who is not only a good artist, but a good teacher of art.  These are really very separate skills.  Many very good artists are not necessarily good at teaching what they do.  Teaching is a very special skill in itself.  Do your homework and inquire of other students as to what they say about a teacher you may be considering.

These are key qualities of a good teacher ~

  • Good at painting and drawing themselves
  • A sequential program, with well-written materials, to which the student can refer
  • Clarity of presentation, so that there is complete student understanding
  • Encouragement, which fosters perseverance on the part of the student
  • A cheerful demeanor and a good sense of humor
  • Constant awareness of the student, without unnecessary interference or interruption
  • Observing when a student “gets it” or doesn’t "get it". Then, assistance can be offered as soon as possible, without mistakes piling up
  • Is actively doing her/his own artwork


If you have questions about classes or are interested in scheduling an interview to talk over lessons with Lynne, click here.


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